The Artist ~ Vicky Damianou

Owner of the Chorotropio dance studio, choreographer and theater performer. One of the best show woman in Greece. Restless, she always seeks for a new challenge. No words can describe the breathtaking look which reveals her bright personality. Let’s discover together how pure art can be expressed in tango music. We welcome our friend Vicky! … More The Artist ~ Vicky Damianou

The Gold Man ~ Halil Ertekin

Gold for never losing his value, he is always good. Gold for playing the golden years of Tango inspiring a dynamic atmosphere on the dance floor. Can’t wait to enjoy one of the best Dj’s of Turkey and sharing together cheerful and happy moments. We welcome our friend Halil!     You are our Encuentro!

The Knight ~ Ozan Firat

Respected as one of the best maestros in Turkey. He plays a vital role in more and more people to get to know Tango in Izmir. Owner of AL Tango dance studio and organizer of Izmir Tango Marathon. Simple, straight and polite charms everyone around him. We have the honor to enjoy our beloved star … More The Knight ~ Ozan Firat

The Magician ~ Cumhur Dilek

Plays on the edge between melody and rhythm. The powerful, elegant and playful aspect of his personality is easily recognized at his music. His international experience in Dj-ing will amaze you. The Aegean Tango Marathon is the proof of his great organizational skills. We welcome our friend Cumhur!   You are our Encuentro!

The Family Man ~ Ahmet Kepce

His strength derives from his beloved wife and son. The organizer of Tango Marathon in Izmir. Serious & classy but at the same time spontaneous and very kind. He does not hesitate to make live changes at milongas and totally surprise you. We welcome our friend Ahmet! You are our Encuentro!