Chios Tango Encuentro

Chios | 2017 | Spring Edition


We welcome you to the 1st “Chios Tango Encuentro”.

This 3-day event will be held in Chios Island from 28th April to 1st May and is set to inspire your Tango Desire through dancing, fascinating encounters and Joyful friendly loving atmosphere.

Xios Tango, our tango group, is introducing to the world for the first time our passion for tango in our home place, the beautiful historic Island of Chios. You will have the chance to experience Chios majestic medieval villages and its numerous historical monuments, gaze its beautiful beaches and scent its fragrant Fruitful countryside. Above all, learn about and taste Mastic, a unique agricultural product that makes Chios Worldwide identifiable.

In order to enhance your Tango Experience we will be together with two of the most promising tango couples in Greece and Turkey. Our dearest Maestros, Esref Tekinalp-Vanessa Gauch from Istanbul and Loukas Balokas-Georgia Priskou from Athens will offer their expertise in various tango workshops schemed to satisfy everyone according to his/her level and skill. Moreover, the peak of our tango nights will be when these two young and dynamic couples will hit the floor and stimulate us with their wonderful electrifying shows!

The night milongas on Friday and Saturday will take place in Chandris hotel central luxury Hall providing large Window View to the port of Chios. On Sunday, we transfer to a very spacious multiplex called “Vyrsothepseio” in a short distance from the main square of the Island. The milonga will be held in the second floor of an old renovated stone Tannery with an excellent dance floor and an impressive wooden roof.

As a surprising change of scenery, the brand new Chios Mastic Museum, located in the South part of the Island with an extraordinary view to  the region of Mastic Villages, will host us for an early afternoon Sunday milonga, giving us the opportunity to take a “tour” through history and time dedicated to the ‘miraculous’ tears of Mastic.

The closing of our meeting, on Monday will include an excursion to some beautiful sights in order tangueros and tangueras to experience Chios secret beauties in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Be part of our “Chios Tango Encuentro”, be part of us!